How to find a person's mailing address

Updated June 05, 2018

If you are getting ready to plan a high-school reunion or a gathering of old friends, you will need everyone's address. You may not know all of their addresses off hand. With a little bit of persistence and willingness to do a little investigating, you can find anyone's mailing address. With a few simple steps, you can find just about every person you are looking for.

Head to ZabaSearch (see "Additional Resources," below). This useful search engine is extremely simple to use. Type the person's name in the search box and hit "Enter." The results will return with the person's address and phone number. It will also give you their birth date so you can make sure you have the right person.

Use Abika (see "Additional Resources," below). Abika is a people search that only requires a last name. Of course, the more information you add the better your search results are going to be. If you type in "John Doe," for example, you might come back with 1,000,000 results. If you type in "John Doe Florida," you may narrow your search to 20,000. If you type in "John Doe, Jacksonville, Florida," you may come back with 100 results. When you find the right person, you can click on their name to collect their address.

Get the last known address of the person you are looking for. Make out a fake letter to them and enclose it in an envelope. Write your address in the upper left-hand corner and their address in the middle of the envelope. Write the following phrase somewhere on the front of the envelope: "Don't Forward: Correct address Information Requested." Then affix postage and mail. The post office will then write the new address on the envelope and mail it back to you.

Contact the person's family and friends and ask for the person's mailing address. If the family member or friend knows you, they will most likely be happy to give you the mailing address. If they don't, they might be leery of giving out that information. If they are, give them your name and phone number and have them pass it on. Then the person you are looking for can call you and give you her mailing address herself.

Utilise Peek You (see "Additional Resources," below). Peek You is new, but it has more information than any other site. Peek You searches daily to add updates to its information. You can use whatever information you do have, even if it is just a name to find your missing information. Type in the person's name, and it will come back with all of the addresses the person has ever lived at--including his current address. It will also list all of his phone numbers, his birthday, aliases and more.


Don't forget to check the phonebook. This is so obvious that some people actually miss it.

Things You'll Need

  • ZabaSearch
  • Abika
  • Envelope
  • Old address
  • Peek You
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