Ideas for bathroom tile designs

Updated April 17, 2017

Bathroom tiles can add great character and style to any bathroom. Tile makes for the ideal bathroom material, due to its water-resistant properties. With a plethora of bathroom design choices on today's market, you have plenty of tile options. From sleek and classy to fun and sassy, you can let your own sense of style shine through in your bathroom tile decor.

Choose light-coloured tiles for small bathrooms. Darker colours tend to close in a space, making it appear smaller, whereas lighter colours open up spaces, making them appear larger than they are. Opt for pastel and muted tiles to maximise your bathroom space.

Add detail with mosaic tile designs. Design patterns are apparent when you fit multiple mosaic tiles together. Due to their popularity in both kitchens and bathrooms, mosaic tiles are available in a wide range of colours, ranging from deep and bold to light and subtle.

Feature shapes within your bathroom tile designs. Use cream or white tile as the backdrop and then make a circular or triangular shape out of a brightly coloured tile. Feature this shape on a shower or bathtub wall, and it will serve to draw the eye to the enclosed area.

Consider tile murals. These bathroom tiles feature beautiful murals when joined together. From landscape and animal designs to replicas of famous paintings, there are a wide variety of tile mural options from which to choose.

Choose a different tile design for your shower or tub area. This area should still complement the entire bathroom so opt for tiles that feature different patterns within the same colour scheme. Try using more vivid colours that are still complementary in your shower or tub area.

Make decorative tiles the focal point of the bathroom. This could be one large decorative tile or multiple smaller tiles that fit together. Surround this central piece with neutral tiles that serve as a frame for it. Ideally, place this focal point in a centralised area of the bathroom.

Use white, ivory or cream tiles to accent darker tile patterns. If your bathroom tile design features primarily dark tiles, include a thin border of lighter tiles. The lighter tiles will pop against the darker background, and help to add a bit of brightness to the overall design.


Make sure to buy enough tile to complete your design. It can be hard to match tile if you need to reorder later.


Be aware that cut tiles don't look as nice as full tiles. Keep this in mind as you measure your bathroom space.

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