How to make a WWE C.M Punk Halloween costume

Updated February 21, 2017

One of the top-rising stars in World Wrestling Entertainment is C.M. Punk. Fans all over the world cheer on this straightedge wrestler, who has brought a unique style and look to the WWE. Not only do fans love to cheer for him, but when Halloween rolls around, many will want to dress like him and creating a C.M. Punk costume is really easy.

Purchase a black wig. Get a wig that has long black hair and trim that hair to a shoulder length. Use a hair straightener on the wig if you need to because C.M. Punk has very straight hair.

Use black face paint to add a goatee. During his time in the WWE, C.M. Punk has featured a trimmed black goatee that does not seem to be going away anytime soon.

Wrap white masking or athletic tape around both your hands. The tape goes around the wrist and in between the pointer finger and thumb, but all of your fingers should be left loose. Do a couple of layers to make sure the tape stays secure.

Draw two large black “X”s on the top of the tape that is on your hands. Do this a couple of times so that the marker is dark and contrasts well.

Fill your arms and back with temporary tattoos. Try to find C.M. Punk’s trademark Pepsi tattoo in a temporary form, but if you cannot, use washable markers to draw it on. C.M. Punk is full of tattoos and this will help signify his look.

Wear a pair of wrestling trunks, with kneepads and elbow pads to achieve the wrestler look. If it is going to be chilly while you trick-or-treat in the costume, a pair of athletic trousers and a C.M. Punk T-shirt will do fine.

Complete the costume with a replica WWE World Championship title. C.M. Punk defeated Edge to win his first World Title and now you can showcase this achievement by wearing one as well. They can be found at most retail stores for around ten dollars.


Carry a boom box or iPod with speakers to blast C.M Punk’s song as you walk around. Some people may even think that you are C.M Punk!

Things You'll Need

  • black wig
  • masking tape
  • black marker
  • washable markers
  • face paint
  • temporary tattoos
  • wrestling gear
  • replica WWE title
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