How to Become a MAC Cosmetics Make-up Artist

MAC Cosmetics is one of the world's most well-known cosmetic brands. Some tips to breaking into the make-up business will be effective if you want to land a job as a MAC make-up artist. While they are tailored for those aspiring MAC professionals out there, almost any professional make-up artist can use them.

Find a photographer, stylist and videographer. You will need them to build your portfolio. One of the best places to look is at local fashion and art schools. They will be eager to help, since you will be helping them build their portfolio as well.

Offer to do make-up for everyone. You can post ads on free boards, give out flyers at local malls and bridal shops (with their permission of course) and place ads in local magazines.

Make sure you have your photographer and stylist (if you choose to use one) in tow. Get pictures done of every person for whom you do make-up. Shoot videos as well--be sure to include one with a narration explaining exactly what you are doing.

Create your book. Choose a professional portfolio and include 9-by-12 inch or 11-by-14 inch photos. This is the current industry standard. Find someone to edit your video. MAC Cosmetics requires a video reel in addition to a portfolio and resume.

Go to your nearest Mac Cosmetics store or counter and find the manager. Give him or her a copy of your resume and ask if they have a couple minutes to look at your book.


Contact department stores or boutiques and offer to do make-up for any fashion shows or special events. Local fashion designers who may also have make-up needs. The process can take several years, as you will need to have some professional experience.

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