How to Put Up a Trampoline Net

Updated February 21, 2017

Purchasing a trampoline can provide hoursof fun for children and adults alike. But in order to be as safe as possible while using a trampoline, attaching a safety enclosure net is paramount. In order to maintain the utmost safety, the enclosure net needs to be properly attached to the frame of the trampoline.

Build all pole assemblies first. Next you need to attach the poles to the outside of the trampoline leg with the hardware that came with your safety enclosure, making sure that the notch of the ball end cap is aligned with the trampoline rail. The top U-bolt needs to be fastened on the leg socket just below the weld and the bottom U-bolt should be about two inches above the bottom of the pole. Tighten the Nylock nuts and acorn nuts. Repeat for all poles around the trampoline.

Determine which end of the net is the top and which is the bottom. The top strap is a little wider than the bottom strap. Place looped end of the top net strap around ball end cap of first pole. Stretch safety net around the outside of poles in a clockwise direction. The top strap and one mesh of netting needs to rest in the groove of the ball end cap on top of each pole. Upon reaching the pole you started at, place strap and one piece of the net into the groove of ball end cap.

Pull the net to the second pole and feed the top strap through top of net close to the second pole. To secure it, wrap the strap around the ball end cap, finishing with a double knot. Wrap the excess strap around the second pole and tie off toward the bottom of the pole.

Connect the T-anchor to loop of bottom strap of inner net panel. Stretch the T-anchor to the first pole and secure it at a V-ring nearest the second pole. Lift the frame pad between the first and second poles and tuck the pad skirt up underneath the pad so that it is not hanging down in the entrance. Pull the bottom strap as close as possible to the second pole, creating an hourglass shape at the doorway where the net overlaps. Wrap bottom strap around the outer rail towards the second pole, tying a knot around the pole securely. Divide inner panel of net in half, connecting the net strap to bottom strap of net at halfway point. Connect the net strap to the closet V-ring on the trampoline mat.

Wrap a pole strap around the first pole and vertical leg piece; the strap should wrap around pole and leg below the rail. Pull the non-looped end of the strap all the way through the looped end of the strap. Wrap the pole strap around the rail and through the bottom strap of outer panel of the safety net. Continue wrapping the strap around the rail and bottom strap until you get to the end of the net. Secure end of the strap to the second pole with a knot.

Divide each section of the net between the poles into thirds and connect the net straps to bottom of net at each third. Standing on the outside of the trampoline, push the bottom of the net toward the middle of the trampoline over the top of the frame pad. Secure the net strap at the closest V-ring. Place the loop of the pole strap in the slot on the ball end cap, making sure that the strap hangs inside of the net. Wrap the strap around the pole, weaving through two or three squares of net on the outside of the pole, creating five to eight wraps around the pole. Tie off the end of the strap just under the rail in a tight knot.


At least two people should put the safety enclosure around the trampoline. In order to make sure that there is proper door overlap, it is best to lay the net flat on the ground for measuring and adjust the knots according to the package instructions. Top strap should bow slightly in between each pole.


When hung correctly, the inner and outer net panels should not overlap by less than six inches or past either pole of the doorway.

Things You'll Need

  • Trampoline
  • Safety net
  • Poles to attach the safety net to the trampoline
  • Hardware to attach the safety net to trampoline: U-bolts, Nylock nuts, acorn nuts
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