How to burn 500 calories

Updated April 17, 2017

There are many ways to lose weight. Counting calories is one of the more popular. To lose one pound a week you need to burn 3,500 calories. That translates into 500 calories a day. It’s not hard to burn 500 calories a day; you just have to get moving.

Start walking. It’s a great exercise that almost anyone can do. There are outdoor and indoor walking opportunities. You can burn 500 calories doing one and a half hours of race walking. Granted this is something you will have to work up to. Beginners would be better served by doing two shorter walks throughout the day and working up their speed. Some people find race walking awkward and may want to do regular jogging instead. A full hour and a half of jogging will burn 500 calories. A combination of fast walking and jogging will also bring the same results.

Three hours of leisurely biking (less than 10mph) will burn a little over 500 calories. This may seem like a lot, but bike riding time goes by very fast, especially if you are riding on bike or park trails. To shorten the time needed to burn 500 calories you have to speed up. Going between 10-12 mph will cut the time in half. So, if you really want to burn those calories quickly work on increasing your speed at each outing.

Another great way to burn 500 calories while toning up muscles is by doing callisthenics. Push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups are some exercises in this group you may want to try. To burn 500 calories you need to do a little over an hour's worth of strenuous callisthenics.

A fun way to burn 500 calories is by dancing. It takes a little over two hours of general dancing to burn the 500 calories, but during a night on the town with friends you can do two hours of dancing without even thinking about it. Also, dancing faster will improve the results.

Your best bet is to do a combination of different exercises. By combining the exercises you won’t get bored as easy and risk quitting all together. A good routine would be to start out with some yoga or stretching, then do some callisthenics for 15 minutes, go for a walk or jog, then do more stretching when you return. Mix it up and you will be more likely to stick with your routine.


Having a friend to exercise with helps. Mix things up.


Get your doctors approval before beginning any exercise program Stop at the first sign of pain!

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