How to Make a Clay Penguin

Updated February 21, 2017

Penguins aren't too difficult to make. This penguin was made in under 15 minutes. Since penguins have sleek bodies, there isn't much detail that has to be put into their feathers. Once the general shape of the body is perfected, the colourful lump of clay is now a penguin.

Prime your clay by kneading each colour in your hands until warm and soft. This will allow for easier clay handling.

Next, shape all your penguin parts. Use black clay for the head. It should be a round ball one inch in diameter. The body should be a two-inch long egg shape. The wings should be flat ovals an inch and a half long and half a centimetre wide.

Use white clay for the tummy making it a two-inch flat oval that will cover the whole penguin black tummy piece (front).

Use the orange clay for The beak that should be a rounded triangle 1/2 inch long. Each foot needs to be flattened triangles, 1/2 inch long.

Now take the large black oval and stand it upright. Take the white round oval and place it in front, lightly pressing the white piece into the black piece so the pieces stay connected. After you add the white piece, take the wing pieces and lightly press them into the penguins shoulder pieces (the top most part of the oval).

Next, place the head piece on the top of the oval, gently pressing it down.

Now lightly press the beak in the lower centre part of the head. Next, place the seed bead eyes above the beak.

Add the feet to the penguin by placing the remaining orange triangles at the very bottom of the figure. Now, take a pencil and add three “nails” to the penguin feet, and nostrils to the penguin beak. You may also pose the penguin wings.

Place the figure on a foil wrapped pan. Preheat the oven to 79.4 degrees C and bake figure for 15 minutes. Take out of the oven and let cool for 2 hours. Afterwards, apply varnish to the figure for protection.


Black clay stains! Before kneading, place black clay in Saran wrap in order to prevent transfer onto hands and clothes. If there is not Saran wrap available, baby powder works just as well.

Things You'll Need

  • Orange, White
  • Black Sculpey clay
  • Black seed beads
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