How to Find Beanie Baby Collectors

Updated March 23, 2017

If you never let go of Beanie Baby Mania during the mid-90s, you'll be joining thousands of people who have been collecting those Beanie Baby toys and collectibles ever since. Whether you're a fan of the original Ty Beanie Baby or enjoy collecting Beanie Baby memorabilia, you can find fellow enthusiasts online and offline. Still need to stock up on a few unique and rare Beanie Babies? Here's how to find Beanie Baby collectors in your city or town, and online.

Find a local Beanie Baby meet-up. Log into the Beanie Baby meet-up to check for the latest listings of events and gatherings in your area. These groups can be found all across the country, and are a great way to meet with fellow enthusiasts and even grow your collection with a few trades.

Browse the website (see Resources). You'll find several resources for Beanie Baby Collectors and guides to track down your favourite and most coveted Beanie Babies with ease.

Check eBay. This is one of the web's best places to find Beanie Babies of all varieties, and the official eBay collector's group can help you find some of the rare and unique collections from around the world. This is also another way to find other collectors with similar interests.

Join the Beanie Baby group discussions on Google Groups. You'll find thousands of Beanie Baby collectors chatting about their latest finds, how they built their collection, and other resources for developing your own unique Beanie Baby collection.

Join a Yahoo! Beanie Baby group. This is another popular place for Beanie Baby collectors to get together and chat about the latest collecting news, where to find rare Beanie Babies, and information on building your own collection.


Join several online groups to make the most of your Beanie Baby collecting hobby or start your own blog or social network to chat with other Beanie Baby enthusiasts.

Don't forget to post your Beanie Baby collection for other people to browse and review!


Don't purchase Beanie Babies from unauthorised sellers or dealers that ask for credit card information via e-mail. Avoid message boards and forums that charge fees for their services.

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