How to Use an Olive Oil Relaxer

Updated February 21, 2017

Olive oil is known to soften your hair while leaving it shiny, healthy and vibrant. Olive oil relaxers are a way to combat the harsh chemicals that are used to straighten naturally curly hair.

Add hair oil to the entire hairline and top of your ears. This prevents your skin from burning. Then part your hair in small sections and add hair oil to your complete scalp. Try to keep the oil on the scalp and not the hair.

Put on the gloves provided in the kit.

Mix the relaxer base with the activator and stir until the mixture is smooth.

Part your hair in 4 sections. One part should go from front to back, while the other part should go from ear to ear.

Apply the relaxer with the applicator brush or a comb. Start at the top of your head, then apply to the back sections. Apply to the hairline last.

Once the relaxer has been applied completely, smooth the relaxer through your hair using the back of the comb in the same order you applied the relaxer. Start with the top of the head.

Rinse the relaxer out of your hair with lukewarm water. Then add neutralising shampoo. Thoroughly shampoo your hair until all of the relaxer has been removed.

Use conditioner/replenishing pack and style using the wrap and setting mousse.


Thoroughly read all directions before applying the olive oil relaxer. Perform a hair strand test, if you have never used an olive oil relaxer. Go to a professional, if you are not confident in your ability to apply chemicals.


Do not scratch your scalp before getting a relaxer. Pay attention to the time! Do not go over the time limit for relaxing your hair. Immediately wipe off any relaxer that touches your bare skin. Please note that there may be a strong chemical smell that emanates from your hair when you add the neutralising shampoo. This is typical of relaxers. Do not be alarmed. Just continue to wash the relaxer out of your hair. Always wait 2 weeks after getting any type of relaxer, before dyeing or bleaching your hair. Always wait at least 6 weeks before relaxing your hair again. Avoid getting the relaxer in your eyes.

Things You'll Need

  • A complete olive oil relaxer kit, which includes relaxer base, activator, creamy aloe neutralising shampoo, replenishing pack, olive oil wrap and setting mousse, hair lotion, latex gloves, stirring stick and directions.
  • Hair oil
  • A comb
  • An application brush
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