How to make a propeller puller

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Pulling a propeller from a boat can be a difficult task. Using the right tools such as a puller can help prevent damage to the blades, and help against bulk head or shaft breakage. Make a homemade boat propeller puller to help you with this task. The design is light weight and compact for easy storage and application.

The weight of propeller it can pull is comparable to a ski boat motor. At it's maximum it can pull a propeller with 5 blades.

Start with a C-clamp that has a 3 3/4-inch thick throat or opening. Remove the existing threaded rod with a wrench by loosing the cap from the pin vertically placed in the threaded rod. Twist the nut counter clockwise and drop the pin through the open-holed slot on the threaded rod. Slide the threaded rod through open hole at the throat of the C-clamp.

Measure the width of the threaded bolt you'll be using in order to fit the nut securely without slip to the bolt. Drill a hole 1/2-inch from the end of your threaded bolt. Take the finely threaded bolt and gently move clockwise, fitting it into the open hole on the throat of the C-clamp. Leave 1/2-inch length still visible to the interior throat of the C-clamp. Make sure the end of the threaded bolt with the hole drilled in it is in the front half of the C-clamp. Place a washer over the end of the threaded bolt protruding from the interior of the C-clamp. Using the wrench, place the nut on the threaded bolt's end, the end facing the interior of the C-clamp. Tightly adjust the nut as flush as you can to the hole opening.

Take the threaded rod that you discarded earlier and fit it through the hole you've drilled into the threaded bolt, which is now placed through the front open hole of the C-clamp. Place one of the washers over the end of the threaded rod. Slip a small nut at the end of the threaded rod and move it clockwise until it reaches the centre point of the rod and firmly tighten it. Turn the arm of the C-clamp over and hold the threaded rod at the end. The rod should be sticking through the centre of the bolt. Slide a washer onto the threaded rod until it rests upon the bolt. Place the other small nut on the end of the threaded rod you're holding and tighten it down so that the rod can not move between the bolt. The threaded rod should now have the small nuts holding it in place. Cap the ends of the threaded rod for easier grip.

Using a wrench, tighten the nut on the interior of the C-clamp to the correct settings. Remove the nut and shorten the threaded bolt with the wrench to enable you to fit the arm or C-clamp of your propeller puller onto the propeller hub. If using a propeller puller for a larger job, increase the size of the C-clamp by the measurement of width in the throat opening.