How to Recycle Windshield Wipers

Peeter Viisimaa/Photodisc/Getty Images

Windshield wipers have a rubber component and a metal component. The rubber components of the wipers break down fairly quickly due to the friction between the windshield and the wipers, if the wipers are used frequently due to rainy or snowy weather.

Older windshield wipers can be sanded down for continued use or replaced completely. It is important to recycle the old windshield wiper blades if you choose to purchase new windshield wipers for your car.

Separate the rubber from the metal part of your windshield wipers by slipping off the rubber blades that you intend to replace.

With your knife, make a slit in the centre of each of the wiper blades. Make sure that the slit is the width of the Velcro. Cut two lengths of Velcro that can fit around your wrist in a loop and be adjusted to be tighter or looser if necessary.

Slip a length of Velcro that can fit around your wrist into each of the slits that you have created in the wiper blades. Snap the Velcro shut in order to create a loop.

Slip your hand into the Velcro loop and grasp the wiper blade firmly. Tighten the Velcro around your wrist. Use the wiper blade as a squeegee to clean glass windows and shower doors around your home.