How to Grow Hair Faster

Hair strands are follicles. Follicles are hardened tissues that protrude from the scalp as hair strands. The notion that cutting hair makes it grow longer is a myth. Hair appears to grow faster after a cut, because the damaged hair is removed and the breakage stops.

Develop a healthy lifestyle. Drink plenty of water, eight glasses a day is the daily recommendation. Water flushes toxins out of the system. Toxins can build up in the hair follicles and scalp causing breakage.

Take vitamins. Folic acid is a B12 vitamin that focuses on organs. Folic acid is important for increasing cell turnover. Hair growth is one of two benefits from folic acid, the second is nutrients for healthy glowing skin.

Reduce your stress level. A relaxed and healthy scalp encourages hair growth. Everyday activities produce stress. Try yoga or Pilate to relax. Stress can cause trauma to hair shafts and follicles causing hair strand to fall out.

Get your hair treated by professionals. If possible and affordable, get hair treatments such as perms, relaxers, colors, weaves and extensions done by a professional stylist. A professional stylist can determine a safe treatment that will compliment, but not damage the hair and cause hair loss.

Avoid extreme hair styles. Keep away from styles that require constant pulling, applying tight rubber bands, strong weave glues or overly tight braiding, this can hinder hair growth. Proper hair weaving and braiding can aid in allowing hair to grow, by taking the daily wear and tear of pulling off the hair follicles.

Use proper hair products. Invest in a quality hair conditioner, shampoo and hair brush to keep hair clean, healthy and shiny. A clean scalp is essential for aiding hair growth.

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