How to Draw a Cute Maltese Dog Face

The Maltese has a distinctive face that draws many people to the toy dog breed. The little round face is one of its cutest features. Creating a recognizable Maltese picture largely depends on being able to draw the face correctly.

Start with a circle for the head. If you've already drawn the body, be sure to keep the head in perspective with the body.

Draw the muzzle by making a small circle at the middle of the bottom of the larger circle. This is the view if your Maltese face will be viewed from a straight perspective. If it will be from an angle, position the smaller circle accordingly.

Place a nose inside the smaller circle. The nose can be a simple circle shape, or it can have a slightly upside-down triangular shape. If you want more details, draw the nostrils inside the nose.

Get the mouth drawn into the area beneath the nose. If the Maltese has long hair, the mouth may not be as apparent as the mouth on a shirt-haired Maltese.

Put the eyes in the appropriate spot near the top of the head. The eyes are both front-facing on a Maltese. Depending on the level of detail desired, you can draw a smaller circle inside each eye, or just place a dark circle to represent each eye.

Add the ears onto the sides of the head. These will usually be drawn as long oval shapes to account for the long hair that grows on the ears. Draw any other hair on the face after the features have been added. If heavy face hair will be drawn, add in a topknot to hold the hair away from the face.

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