How to install a Bluetooth device in an Acer Laptop

Updated July 20, 2017

Most new Acer laptops come equipped with Bluetooth technology, as do most modern laptops. This technology allows you to connect wirelessly to a variety of devices including keyboards, speakers and printers. You can also pair your laptop with other computers, smartphones and tablets so that you can transfer documents, photos and music between devices wirelessly. Different Bluetooth devices may behave somewhat differently when you try to connect them to your Acer laptop with Windows 7, but the general principles are the same. Refer to your Bluetooth device's documentation if you get stuck.

Turn on the device you want to use with your Acer laptop. Make sure that the device's Bluetooth function is switched on and set to discoverable. Different devices vary in how they are set to discoverable. Some are always in discoverable mode while others such as mice and keyboards have a dedicated switch. Phones and tablets usually have a Bluetooth section in the general settings options where you switch the device to discoverable. Consult your device's manual if there's no obvious way to set your device to discoverable.

Power up your laptop and click "Start." Select "Devices and printers" from the menu on the left hand side of the start menu pane.

Click "Add device" and your laptop will search for Bluetooth devices within 10 metres (about 30 feet) of your computer. Click on the Bluetooth device when its name appears in the "Add a device" window.

Enter a pairing code if you're prompted to do so. This can also be called a pass code or a PIN number. If you don't know the number for your device, try "0000" as many devices have this as a default. If this doesn't work, refer to your device's manual.

Click "Next" and the Bluetooth settings window opens. If you're connecting to a device such as a phone or tablet, the window will include information about what services are available such as wireless file transfer and imaging. Click the button that describes the function you want. If the device is a mouse or keyboard, you'll be prompted to click next to start using the device.

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