How Much Does It Cost to Have a Wedding Dress Made?

Some girls spend their lives dreaming of a picture perfect wedding. One of the most important details of wedding involves choosing a wedding dress. A woman can choose to purchase her dress off-the-rack or opt to have their dress made instead. If you are considering having a wedding dress made, you will need to make sure the cost is within your budget. The average wedding dress costs £975 in 2011, but can be made for far less.


The cost of having a wedding dress made depends largely on the design. If you can provide the seamstress with a template or simple sketch, the cost will generally be less than having a designer sketch the design based on your vision. Prices can vary greatly when it comes to a design. Wedding dress patterns can be purchased a craft store for a few dollars or even found for free on the web.


The cost of material to make the wedding dress depends on how elaborate you want the gown. White french satin fabric can be purchased for around £7 a yard. The amount of fabric you will use depends on the style of the dress and your body type. A sleek fitting dress can be made with about 6 yards of fabric. You must also consider the additional supplies needed and the embellishments. Swavorski crystals and beading can drive up the price of a wedding gown significantly.


You will need to choose an experienced seamstress to bring your design to reality. Ask to see samples of work before hiring a seamstress. The cost will vary greatly. Always ask for an estimate. Some seamstresses charge hourly rates, while others charge for the project. A wedding dress can take hours to complete. Inquire about extra fees and additional charges for alterations. Allow yourself plenty of time to make sure the custom dress is what you had in mind.

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