What is instant espresso powder?

Updated July 19, 2017

Instant espresso powder is a dried espresso sold in jars. Instant espresso is an easy way to enjoy espresso at home without an espresso machine. It's also a popular ingredient for recipes that require a coffee or mocha flavour.


Instant espresso powder forms when prepared espresso coffee is freeze-dried. Espresso powder tastes weaker than a regular espresso shot, but much stronger than instant coffee.


Use 1 to 2 tsp of instant espresso powder to 236ml. of hot water. Drink it black, or add half and half and a sweetener to taste. Instant espresso also dissolves easily in cold beverages such as milk shakes.


Instant espresso powder retains the caffeine found in regular espresso. It's perfect in a purse or car for caffeine emergencies. The powder stores for months on a pantry shelf, or up to one year in the freezer.


Cooks use instant espresso powder as a recipe ingredient to add a coffee or espresso flavour. Bakers often add instant espresso to dessert recipes for a mocha flavour. Simply add or prepare the instant espresso according to the recipe's instructions.

Fun Fact

Instant espresso powder enhances and intensifies chocolate flavours without adding a coffee taste.

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