What color walls work best with a red sofa?

Written by leah still | 13/05/2017
What color walls work best with a red sofa?
A red sofa is a great addition to any room with the right wall colour. (Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Serg C)

Red is an energetic and emotional colour, according to the colour theory website ColorLab.com. Pair it with the right wall colour to prevent it from overwhelming a room. There are several colours that will look great with a red sofa, and one that will not---red.


Gray is a neutral colour that creates a sophisticated and classy look when paired with a red sofa. Use a dark grey shade, such as Studio Gray by Ralph Lauren Paint, to prevent the red from looking out of place.


According to colour theory website ColorLab.com, yellow is a joyful and lively colour. Pair your red sofa with yellow walls for a warm and happy atmosphere. Try Gone Bananas from Olympic Paint at Lowe's.

Light Blue

Blue is a calming colour, according to ColorLab, but a light blue shade (think robin's egg blue) paired with your red sofa will instantly turn the room into a cheerful space with a playful atmosphere. Check out Skyscraper by Benjamin Moore.


Green walls with your red sofa will give the room a modern take on elegance, but choose crisp, light green shades like mint or sage to prevent a year-round Christmas look. Try Sounds of Nature by Benjamin Moore.


Tan is a basic wall colour that you're not likely to get sick of too soon, and with the red sofa, it creates a classic, comfortable atmosphere. Try Earthy Cane by Olympic.


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