What Are Soccer Shin Guards Made Of?

Updated March 23, 2017

Many different materials are used to make soccer shin guards. They are used by players of all ages. Shin guards are strapped on to the shin and covered with long socks. This helps to reduce the chance of injury to shins when playing soccer.


Modern shin guards are made of different synthetic materials. Fibreglass is a common material that is lightweight but very solid.

Foam Rubber

Foam rubber is also used to make soccer shin guards. These moulds are not as strong as fibreglass, but they are cheaper to purchase.


Polyurethane is sometimes used as well. It is heavier than other materials, but more sturdy. If you get checked a lot, then this material protects you better.

Basic Plastic

Basic plastic with an EVA foam backing is also a common design. It is cheaper when you use basic plastic, but it provides little protection compared to other materials. Basic plastic can crack.

Foam EVA

Most shin guards are made with EVA foam backing. This material cushions the shin against the rest of the hard shell of the guard.

Elastic and Velcro

Most shin guards are made with an elastic strap that fastens with Velcro. This design is intended to keep the shin guards in place while you play.

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