Difference Between Real & Fake Burberry

Updated November 21, 2016

Burberry was established in 1856 in England, according to the company's official website. The company developed and introduced gaberdine, a breathable, tear-resistant, waterproof fabric in 1880; designed coats adopted by the British military in the late 1800s and early 1900s; and in 1920, introduced the Burberry check pattern that is still revered today. Like many high-end designer brands, Burberry is often copied. Some merchants peddle fake Burberry claiming it's the real deal. Knowing the difference between real and fake Burberry could prevent you from getting scammed.


Burberry uses high-quality fabric, according to Burberry World. Many Burberry products are made of gaberdine, a fabric developed by the company. Burberry accessories, such as scarves and handbags, are made of other fabrics, such as leather, silk or canvas. Flaws or tears in the fabric are a sign that the product isn't real Burberry.


The Burberry check pattern is often copied. The classic check pattern features symmetrical vertical and horizontal lines in red black and white, according to Handbags-N-Guides. Some Burberry products feature slight variations of this pattern. For example, the nova check design uses pink stripes rather than red. In real Burberry products, the lines are perfectly straight. They wrap around folds and seams without breaking. Burberry imposters often feature lines that lean in one direction, blend together or do not line up properly.


One reason for the high cost of designer garments and accessories is the hard work and fine detail that goes into each piece. Burberry products have precise stitching and quality buckles, buttons and zippers, according to Burberry World. For example, quilted Burberry bags feature a neatly stitched diamond pattern. Each diamond is the same size and the lines created by the diamonds cross at right angles, according to Handbags-N-Guides. Imitation Burberry bags may use this diamond quilting, but the stitching will not be as precise and the diamonds may not be even. If the bag is real Burberry, the pattern aligns so the diamonds are cut into neat triangles wherever there is a seam.

Logo and Labels

The Burberry logo depicts a knight riding a horse. Imposters may attempted to copy this logo, but often do not get it quite right. The logo should look just like the trademarked Burberry logo featured on the official Burberry website. Handbags-N-Guides also recommends looking for misspellings on tags and labels. Misspelled words easily give away the product's true nature as a fake. In real Burberry, cloth labels are neatly secured with fine stitching.


Many Burberry products, such as some styles of handbags, totes and backpacks, feature engraved metal plates. These plates are engraved with the name "Burberry." If the etching appears messy or uneven, the product is not authentic Burberry, according to Handbags-N-Gudes. Other hardware, such as buckles and zippers, will also feature the Burberry name or logo in authentic products. Fake products usually use lower quality hardware, and may cut corners on etching or skip it entirely.

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