The Average Cost for Laying Tile

Written by tyler lacoma | 13/05/2017
The Average Cost for Laying Tile
Vinyl tile is much cheaper than high quality stone versions. (Footprints in Tile image by bnstrong from

Tile is a popular options for bathrooms, kitchens and other areas inside the home. It is relatively easy to maintain, and the harder types of tile have an excellent lifespan, usually lasting as long as the house itself. Laying tile can be expensive if the tile used is of high quality, but prices generally vary based on materials and who is installing the tile. Of course, a larger area will be more expensive to lay than a small section.


Tile is made up of three basic elements: the adhesive, the tile material and the grout. The adhesive is used to bond the tile to the floorboards beneath, with stone tile requiring the most powerful adhesives. Materials can vary--ceramic tiles are made of hardened clay, for instance, while stone tiles are carefully cut pieces of marble or granite. The grout is the putty use to fill in the spaces between the tiles. It is usually light in colour for ceramic tiles and darker for stone tiles.


The cheapest types of ceramic tile cost only around 60p per square foot, but prices can go all the way up to £13 a square foot, especially if the tile is handmade. Typically, prices for all materials necessary stay between £3 and £5 a square foot. Porcelain tiles, a similar version, typically cost a couple dollars more. Installation costs are usually around £3 to £6 per square foot, adding on several thousand dollars to a large project.


Stone tiles are overall more expensive that ceramic versions. The least expensive stone tiles (often slate) can only cost a few dollars per square foot, but it is much more likely that stone tile will cost several dollars more per square foot that a similar ceramic project. Sealed and burnished stone tile may add to the cost as well. Installation costs remain the same, however, between £3 and £6 per square foot.


Installation practices will determine a large amount of tile cost. Ceramic tile, for instance, can be installed in a mosaic design, a more complicated process using small tiles that can cost between £1.90 and £16 a square foot. Sawing and shaping ceramic tile or stone is a laborious process and will also raise installation costs quickly.


If the tile is installed over a simple subfloor with the use of a normal adhesive, then prices should be largely unaffected. However, if a component system is being installed at the same time this will raise the price considerably. For example, a heating system, such as radiant heat installed under the tile, will cost at least £650 more for a 10-by-10-foot bathroom.

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