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Updated February 21, 2017

You've just purchased a brand new pair of leather shoes and on your first day home after wearing them your toes are covered in blisters, the back of the shoe has cut your heels. Don't distress. Leather shoes are easy to stretch with a liquid shoe stretcher. Most leather shoes will stretch out naturally as your wear them to form to your feet. Liquid shoe stretcher speed up this process and can be purchased at a shoe repair store or department store.


Most liquid shoe stretchers contain a high amount of alcohol, which dries quickly. This helps prevent the user from soaking the shoe, which can damage its form and condition. Alcohol-based shoe stretchers also do not develop watermarks as they dry. Liquid shoe stretchers also contain conditioners that keep the leather soft while it is stretching.

How to Use

Apply the liquid to a clean cloth and rub it on the inside of the shoe. Put on socks and wear the shoes around your home. The socks will help expand the shoes and will keep them from giving you blisters while they stretch.


Liquid shoe stretchers are can stretch a shoe roughly one half size larger. If used with a wooden shoe stretcher they can stretch a shoe one and a half sizes bigger.

Use With a Wooden Shoe Stretcher

Shoe stretching liquid can be used with a wooden shoe stretcher to achieve maximum results. A wooden shoe stretcher is a wooden form that slides into the shoe and can be adjusted to stretch the shoe. To use it, apply liquid to the inside of the shoe with a clean cloth and place a wooden shoe stretcher inside the shoe. Expand the wooden stretcher slightly and set it aside to stretch and dry.

Materials and Other Uses

Some stretchers are for stretching certain types of leather like patent leather shoes while others are all purpose stretchers made to be able to stretch even the toughest leathers. Shoe stretching liquids can be used to stretch all leather items including gloves, hats and are especially useful for stretching the calf section of women's boots.

How It Works

Shoe stretching liquid loosens the leather, which allows your foot to stretch it. All leather shoes will stretch a little if they are worn when wet. Liquid shoe stretchers therefore, get the shoe just wet enough to loosen it but dry quickly so that the shoes are not misshapen or so they do not loose their condition and sheen. Most liquid stretchers contain conditioners that help maintain the leather's softness.

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