The Best Essential Oil Perfume-Making Kits

Updated February 21, 2017

Perfume making is a fun and easy way to blend essential oils to create your own custom scent. Because there are so many companies producing essential oil perfume-making kits, it's hard to know which one is the best. In order to make a wise purchase, you must know what's included in the best essential oil perfume kits.

Instruction Manual

Every good essential oil perfume-making kit will include a thorough and informative instruction manual. The instruction manual should guide you through the combination process, and should recommend a combination of essential oils that blend well together. This manual will help you understand how to test different essential oils together in order to determine whether they are a good match or not.

Variety of Essential Oils

The best essential oil perfume-making kits will include a wide variety of essential oils that capture the top notes, heart notes and base notes for your custom perfume. Top notes are generally lighter and uplifting, such as orange, lemon grass and basil. Heart notes should make up the bulk of the perfume and are warmer, such as juniper, lavender and melissa. Base notes are very heavy and strong, for example patchouli, jasmine and rose.

Carrier Oil

When you apply essential oils directly to the skin, they can sometimes irritate and inflame it. This is why the best essential oil perfume-making kits will include a carrier oil. Carrier oils are nonscented oils that dilute the essential oils to make them wearable. One of the best carrier oils is jojobal, because of its ability to absorb into the skin easily and its noncomedogenic nature.

Testing Strips

Good essential oil perfume-making kits will always include testing strips. Testing strips are pieces of thick paper that are used to test out fragrance combination before the oils are mixed together. You add drops of essential oil to individual strips of paper, then smell them to see how the essential oils work together.This is a good way to avoid combining oils that do not mix well.

Tinted Bottles

The best essential oil perfume-making kits will include tinted bottles. When bottles are tinted, either in an amber or a cobalt colouration, it prevents the oils from going rancid or losing scent. The bottles should come with a dropper top or a screw-on top to keep them fresh. Most perfume-making kits contain clear bottles, but the best will include tinted bottles.

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