How Do I Dead Head My Amaryllis?

Amaryllis image by Nette from

Get the most flower production out of your exotic Amaryllis by deadheading the blooms as they fail. The open-faced flowers of the Amaryllis plant may last a few days or several weeks. Deadheading your plants makes the flowers look neat and encourages new growth to sprout during the plant's growing season.

Whether caring for a holiday gift or planting a bed of these bulbs, deadheading the flowers will keep your plant healthy and happy.

Wait for the bloom to wither. The flower will lose its colour and shape.

Position your garden shears at the back of the flower beneath the flower head.

Cut the blossom away including the little green lump located at the back of the flower.

Position your shears at the base of the main stem about 2 inches from the bottom of the plant.

Clip the stem away. Do this at the beginning of spring to prepare for summer flowers.

Place the trimmed plant in a sunny location and add water to the plant as the soil dries. Check the soil for dryness by placing your finger in the soil about an inch down. If the soil is dry, add enough water to soak it.