80's hairstyles for short hair

Written by autumn jones | 13/05/2017

Short hair was big in the 1980s---and with the help of perms and a whole lot of hairspray, short hair really WAS big. The emphasis was on shape and volume. Girls rocked everything from angular bobs to sheared napes. Pull out your biggest bottle of hairspray, cut out your favourite picture, and head to the salon to bring the '80s back.

Angular Bob

80's hairstyles for short hair

Take a cue from everyone's favourite 1980s divas Salt-N-Pepa, and sport a bob with a twist: one side longer than the other. This look can be subtle and office-appropriate if you wear your hair sleek and smoothed over on eye. Or take it to the extreme, like a true diva, and shave one side off. Wear the long side wild and curly.

Curly Mop

80's hairstyles for short hair

Take a walk on the wild side by letting your curls do their thing---or, if you're not a curly girl, get a permanent wave. Get your hair clipped shorter on the sides and a little longer in the back, and spray hair straight up---the goal is to have hair standing as perpendicular to the scalp as possible. Of course, you can always tone it down for conservative gatherings; just skimp on the hairspray.

Boyish Crop

80's hairstyles for short hair
Demi Moore

Take celebrity inspiration from Demi Moore's adorable, boyish crop in "Ghost." This short haircut showed off her gorgeous face, letting women know that short hair doesn't have to look manly. Wear this haircut smooth and straight. Get it cut short on the back and sides, with heavy fringe in front.

Daredevil Crop

80's hairstyles for short hair
Sinead O'Connor

If you're feeling extra low-maintenance, get the daredevil crop of the decade and buzz it off. This super-hip look put all eyes on singer Sinead O'Connor, whose flawless bone structure and gorgeous skin showed the world that hair isn't the only source of a woman's beauty.


80's hairstyles for short hair
Molly Ringwald

Short-haired girls in the 1980s were also fans of the feather. Molly Ringwald sported this look in short, brilliant red. All you need are a lot of layers, a blow dryer and a round brush: wrap hair around the brush, away from your face, and blow dry. Finish, obviously, with lots of hairspray.

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