Information on Pop Up Cards

Updated February 21, 2017

Pop-up cards, also called mechanical cards, have the appearance of folded greeting cards when delivered in an envelope, but when the cards are opened it becomes apparent that they consist of more than one folded paper, as an inner one pops out.


When you open a pop-up card you can expect to be surprised. Anything imaginable can pop out at you. Cards can open to reveal, for example, intricate flowery designs for Mother's Day, or a witch for Halloween.


To make a pop-up card that has simple folds, cut an extra tab on the bottom of the pictures that are intended to pop up. The tabs are folded to be flush with the main card body and glued on. Internal stand folds are more reliable as pop-outs. Fold your paper in half and then make two cuts at the folded edge, perpendicular to it. Open the card, bend the crease between the cuts backward and close.


For internal stand folds, glue or colour pictures onto the lower half of the fold that pops out when the card is open. To finish the card, glue an additional paper onto the back edges of the cut piece.

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