Easy Castle for Kids to Make

Many kids go through phases where castles and knights, and princesses interest them. They may want to play pretend with their own castle or use it for their other dolls and action figures. Boys may play games in which the enemy sieges the castle while girls may use one much as they would any dollhouse.

Fortunately, a cardboard castle can be easily made with a few household containers.

Homemade Castle Dollhouse

Use cardboard boxes and other household containers to make a castle. Shoe boxes and boxes that came through the mail will offer a variety of sizes that can be put together to make different rooms in the castle. To make towers, use empty oatmeal canisters and the like. Glue the various boxes together. Two oatmeal boxes stacked can make a tall tower. Or you can place the tower atop an ordinary box. Cut crenelations along the top of the oatmeal box(es). Arrange the boxes so that you can have an upstairs and a downstairs. Once the boxes are glued (or taped) together with the open sides all on the same side, so you have a dollhouse type cutaway, you can cut doorways through the sides to connect the rooms. Depending on the age of the child, the cutaway portion may require adult supervision. Likewise, to enhance the castle's appearance, an adult may wish to supervise the painting of the boxes. A coat of grey paint (or primer) will give it a stone look. Then, the children can paint on the look of bricks or stone (by making lines) on the outside using a children's paint set. They might even paint on some shrubbery. Windows can be painted on or cut out.

Homemade Castle Playhouse

Build a cardboard fort on a much larger scale. For this, use the sort of boxes that had televisions or appliances in them. Large boxes can also be found at many office supply stores or any place that sells packing supplies. Use a few large boxes taped together, side by side. Cut passageways between them for the kids to crawl through. Cut out small windows, large enough that safe toy projectiles can be fired through for defending the castle. On the outside of the boxes, paint the image of a castle with sky and landscaping. Because the kids can crawl inside, you can position the boxes so that only one has a completely open side. The rest can be enclosed chambers. Connect together as many boxes as you like.