The Best Haircuts for Boys

Boys need a hairstyle that is sturdy, manageable and versatile to accommodate their busy active lives. There are varying styles of haircuts for boys these days and deciding which one that is right for your child is not always easy.

Choosing a haircut can depend on variety of factors such as whether the child is very athletic or if he is willing to style his hair, his age and hair texture.They are many inexpensive options for boy haircuts and picking one is often the difficult part.

Buzz Cut

Choosing a buzz cut is a great option for an active boy. This is the shortest of all hairstyles and is cut close to the head and above the ear. The buzz look is simple to style and requires little to no hair product.


Spike hairdos work well on relatively short hair and adds personality and style for an outgoing boy. The spike look can be styled by applying gel and working hair upwards with fingers. You can just spike the fringe or all of the hair if it is short enough. This style may require frequent cuts, so hair is short enough to spike. But longer hair can be spiked as well, but this would be a more dramatic and edgy look.

Side swept styles

The side swept style is ideal for less active boys, but is still easy to maintain. The hair is a little longer, parted on the side, with the longer section draping over the top of head and forehead. This style is great for school or formal occasions.

Tapered styles

The tapered hair cut is classic. This is a basic haircut with tapered sideburns, fringe and neck. This look is easy to maintain and usually just needs a little combing to style. The tapered cut is versatile and works for any occasion.

Shag hairstyle

Shag hairstyles are perfect for older boys who want to break away from the classic cuts. This look works better on medium length hair and has many layers throughout -- giving it a messy or tousled look. The shag is easy to style and just apply a little

Long curls

Longer hairstyles look nice on boys with naturally curly hair, because it weighs down the hair and controls the curls. The hair length can begin at the eyebrow or just above the ear, with layers cascading down to the neck collar. This style may take a little more to manage and you may need to use hair gel to control it.