What clothes work best on males with fair skin?

While women typically tend to find their seasons--their skin tone category--for make-up choices, an awareness of colours most flattering to a certain skin tone isn't gender-specific. Men can use their seasons when it comes to getting dressed.

The good news for fair-skinned men is they fit the majority of all the seasons.

Spring Skin Tones

Fair-skinned men who sunburn or freckle, and who have pale eyes and light hair, fall into the spring category. The skin's basic undertone is warm, and earthy colours are the most complementary. When choosing clothing, think of the basic attributes of spring: warm tans and greens, golden yellows and sherbet-like peaches. Classic blues and reds will work well on you, too, as long as they aren't too dark; deep, rich blues and blacks are too strong for you--at least close to your face. Trim black trousers are essential, but you can pair them with an ochre-hued shirt and a camel-coloured jacket, which will appropriately highlight your features.

Summer Skin Tones

Summer-season men have light eyes, light or dark hair, and pale skin that tends to sunburn too, but with a cool, pinkish-blue undertone. Again, think the season when it comes to colours: Summer calls for pastels (particularly baby blue) and powdery, muted neutrals. Avoid colours with yellow- or orange-based hues, as well as dark browns and blacks--or wear them in a tie against a coloured shirt that better suits you.

Winter Skin Tones

Winter is the dimmest of the seasons, and colours best suited to winter men--who have fair, cool, pinkish skin and dark hair and eyes--are appropriately dark. Intense dark blues, blacks and jewel tones will further enhance the high contrast between your hair and skin. You're also the best fair-skinned candidate for the classic white-shirt-black-suit combination because, again, your dark hair and eyes offset the impact of black from head-to-toe. Add a shock of colour with a solid tie--purple, for example, or something equally bright and red-based--and you're ready to bring a little light to your season.