Hi, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb. How do you grow little potted cherry tomato plants? Well simply, of course, find the container. Make sure you're going to plant it about the same depth level that it was in this little starter pack, go ahead and dig a hole, make sure you plant it fairly deep and then cover it over. Make sure it's got, it's up going straight in the middle of the container, normally about one plant per about one size container is adequate. Sometimes people like to hedge their bets and put two in a container and then they'll usually thin one out. Growing in containers has some benefit in that you can bring this whole container to a protected area if we happen to get a cold night. Protecting your plants is important. Make sure, of course, that you have it in a good soil, a good peaty, Perlite vermiculite soil normally. So, make sure you've got ample amount of organic matter, maybe improve the soil with some black cow cow manure, and also make sure of course, that they do get a good watering on a regular basis. For askmrgreenthumb.com, I'm Stan DeFreitas.