Now we're are going to go ahead and put on a second coat. We have knocked down all the rough bumps and everything. Instead of going ahead and mixing a whole bucket, since I am by myself right now, I am going to mix one small pan and we are going to get that second coat on so we can demonstrate to you the application of a second coat. We are just going to do one pan for now. I am going to go ahead and mix us up a pan of mud and then as soon as I'm done will get moving on it. Alright so mixing up a little batch is a little harder than actual mixing a bucket because we are going to be doing it manually, which is why I like to do a bucket instead of one pan. It shouldn't be to hard and we will be done in a second. Definitely when you are mixing a little pan you want to be careful not to mix over anything you don't want to spill this on. Mixing it by hand is a little messier than mixing it in a bucket. Case and point. We have now mixed the mud and we are ready to go and put on our second coat. I've got a nice pan of thick mud here so I am going to go started putting on this next coat.