Hi! My name is Keri Wootton and I'm from Leave the Details to Me Event & Wedding Consulting here in Austin, Texas, and I'm here to talk to you about how to decorate your wedding archway. Some of the materials you'll need for decorating your archway are an arch, a fabric for decorating your arch, florals and floral wire to attach your flowers to your archway. So there's a couple of different types of archways, and the different types of archways are going to determine how you decorate them. You can have a wooden archway, for example, that you decorate with flowers and fabric. Almost like a corner sport of what you do like for a window treatment. You can take fabric and cover the front of the wood with fabric (purchase from your local craft store), and then you can get little bundles of flowers to go on each corner and then down the sides. Another kind of archway would be a stone archway, and again, that can be decorated with ivy, with florals, and with fabric like tulle which is very inexpensive and can be purchased again at your local craft store. The other great thing you can do under your archway is simply do loose petals, either fresh or store bought fake petals. The fresh are my preference 'cos it brings some color and some fragrance into your ceremony. Those can usually be purchased at your local grocery store for very inexpensive. I recommend getting your petals on your own (away from your florist) because then you can pick your colors and your amounts. My name is Keri and I'm from Austin, Texas, and I was talking to you about how to decorate for your archway.