Okay, we're back and the next stain that we're going to get out of carpet fibers is going to be vomit. Typically when the occasion calls for cleaning out vomit from carpet, it's not exactly the time that you want to be cleaning it out of carpet. So, sometimes vomit will have a chance to set. What you want to do first is remove as much of the solid excess from the carpet as you possibly can with a spoon spatula. So you want to scrape as much of the vomit off of the carpet as possible. Once you do that, you want to then mix one teaspoon of multipurpose cleaner with a full cup of water. Then you just want to dip a sponge into the solution and you want to sponge in the cleaner to the stain. A little bit more abrasive than blotting. Once you do that, you can blot the area dry and the stain should come out. If the stain has been sitting there for a while another technique to get it out if that doesn't work, is to take shaving cream, then you want to rub the shaving cream into the carpet with a sponge until it's foaming. Then you want to rinse the sponge and you want to rinse the area with the sponge with water. Once you do that you just blot the area dry and then you want to wait until the carpet is completely dry and try not to let anybody walk on that area or animals around that area and then you want to vacuum it up and you can use some carpet freshener as well but that will get out the vomit stain from the carpet.