You find yourself with a cough. There are certain things you can do to ease a cough. I'm Dan Carlson, I'm a nurse. Certain things like you can do are just increasing fluids which will make the mucus membrane in your throat a little less dry and you'd have less of a chance of coughing. Using certain medications like cough suppressants in the form of syrups or lozenges are effective. Even using a humidifier which to also will help your mucus membrane in your throat prevent a cough. Try not prevent a cough from happening, being it's the natural way the body expels certain things. You do not want to look at it as a persistent cough though which you may want to see a doctor for. As a persistent cough could be something more serious. But using tea, honey, increasing your fluids, a humidifier, those are all certain ways to help ease a cough. The most being helpful would be medications like cough syrups and cough lozenges. If you do find yourself in a persistent cough though, definitely consult a physician. I'm Dan Carlson and that's how to ease a cough.