Hi, I'm Les Whitley. I'd like to talk to you for a few minutes about developing strong, powerful arms. Strong powerful arms are your link to most everything that you're doing when you're using your hands, whether it's pushing, pressing, or pulling. The goal there to build strong powerful arms is the lift and move as much possible weight as you can under good control, and in doing so you can either revert to a bicep curl--but the weight's going to be very small, and your bodyweight is typically not moving through space, which is typically a more active, effective athletic movement--so in order to stimulate maximal arm growth and musculature of the biceps and forearms, the pull-up is one of the best alternatives. Either an overhand grip with palms facing away, a neutral grip with palms facing in, or palms facing back to you for the standard chin-up, whatever feels most effective and comfortable to you. Starting by supporting your own body weight, let yourself hang from a free hang position. Then pulling yourself up so that your hands are just at, if not slightly below, chin level. Try to get your eyes in a forward, neutral, looking gaze and not looking up at the bar, to minimize the stress placed on your neck. Pull yourself up, lower yourself down. Under control, and repeating the motion. Again, the stimulation you get from the forearms and the biceps in a pull-up is a lot greater than any other dumbbell exercise. For back of the arms, triceps, and shoulders, the bodyweight dip also gives you that body moving through range of motion feel, to stimulate maximal muscle growth to develop those strong powerful arms.