I am going to show you some real pretty scarves that are so easy to do. Scarves are always great for beginners, I think if you are starting out knitting, crocheting, whatever this is definitely the thing you will want to do first. It doesn't take a lot of time, you don't need too terribly much yarn and they are fun and once you get going you can finish one in a night or two and it is just not a difficult project. This is one of the self striping yarns I was telling you about. This is one yarn and it is hard to believe because it is so pretty and it changes into so many different types and it is just beautiful. And then people think you did all of this hard work and you just take all the credit and you don't let them know that it was all done for you in the yarn. So it is a very pretty yarn. This one here and this one here, are very fun yarns and you don't have to know any stitches except the chain. All this is, is you grab a bunch of your favorite yarns and you make very very long chains and when you have about twenty-one chains, you just put them all together and tie at the end of the beginning and just use your funkiest fun yarns and it just makes a fun little scarf. It is kind of different but it is a lot of fun. This here is a yarn that actually matches a sweater that I have and this is a combination of two yarns; I have put an eyelash yarn in here with these other yarns. This is a very heavy wool yarn, it is extremely warm so, it will come in very handy for the wintertime and it is nice to make your scarves at least sixty inches long. A lot of people now probably want to fold it in half when they wrap it around, so you want to go better longer than too short I think because you can do more things with it. This is just a plain single crochet, but it is fun because it is almost like a carpet. Its got a little loops all the way through it and this is wool and again, very warm, very fun and very easy to work with and you can't really tell what it is, if it is knitted, crocheted, woven, you really can't tell. It is just fun, so get out there and try a scarf, you will find that crocheting is very therapeutic, a lot of fun and very enjoyable.