Hi, I'm Nancy Frensley. I'm the training manager at the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society, and we're going to talk to you a little bit about the Yorkshire Terrier. You know, you could not ask for a more versatile small dog than the Yorkshire Terrier. They're bright, they're quick, they love working. They love doing tricks. They love jumping. And they love hunting. I had a client once whose tiny little puppy brought a whole possum into bed with him, and they will go out and they will find living creatures to bring home to you. So, your Yorkshire Terrier, Yorkie, as they're often called, is going to need a lot of supervision. They enjoy training, so they're going to really, really want to train a lot. You need to be a person who's active. Who enjoys training and interacting with a dog to have a Yorkie. And they will keep you on your toes. Yorkies generally don't do as well with children as a lot of other dogs, but if you get one as a puppy and your children are respectful, I'm sure you could work it out. Your Yorkshire Terrier will be a delight to have. You can do a lot of hairdressing with your Yorkie, or take them to a professional groomer, or just keep them trimmed down to take care of their coat. And, in general, you got a little hunter on your hands, so watch out for that.