Hello, I'm Richard Goms. We're in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm going to talk to you a little bit now about how to find someone....find the telephone number of someone. The most obvious place, of course, is the phone book, which you can get at the library. There's also the city directory, especially if you know the address but don't know the phone number. There's also the...you can contact people at a local city office building that might have information, or know how to find that particular individual. Another option, of course, is to look at the white and yellow pages on line. Sometimes you have to be a little creative when you're entering information into those websites. For instance, you might have a very common name that might come up with lots of listings. You have to have a way of narrowing that down. You might have....you might not know the exact town they live in, and, you might need to check the box saying that you want to look...a little wider search on the....when it's doing a search. Another option might be the newspaper. Last year I did a research in Sidney, Australia from here in Salt Lake City. I contacted...I found a website for the Sidney Morning Newspaper. I contacted them by email, told them what I was...who I was looking for, and they put an add in their paper, and within two weeks I started getting calls and emails from the family that I was searching for.