Hi my name is Lauren and I'm here to discuss how to cure dog dandruff. One thing that you should know about dogs if your dog happens to be itching a lot is that your dog may actually have an allergy. Dogs show their allergies through their skin. They affect their skin so they may get some hot spots, itchy spots if they're allergic to something within the air or maybe something else. Another thing to look into with your dogs is the food that you are feeding them. Make sure that you are not feeding them crummy food. Make sure that they are getting the nutrients that they need in order to maintain a healthy coat. Another thing that you should look into is whether or not they are being overbathed. Overbathing can dry out the coat of a dog which will then make them itch a little more so you may just need to stop bathing as often. If there are actual flakes and your dog is suffering from dandruff you do want to use more of a moisturizing shampoo. They also have conditioning oils which you can use. There is essentially bathing oils which help them maintain a good skin and a good coat. So that way they won't be itching as much and they won't be flaking. A home remedy for that would be to do two tablespoons of bath oil and add it in a quart of water and use it in a rinse for your dog when you are doing them. I do recommend after washing your dog with more of a moisturizing shampoo to get some bath oil whether it be sprays or whether it be something that you can put in your hand and then you know massage it into their coat. You do want to make sure that you do nourish their skin that their skin needs the same nourishments pretty much that humans do. Just double check and make sure that your dog is not suffering from allergies and is suffering from dandruff and then start treatment as, and that is how to cure dog dandruff.