You want to start by cutting a bandanna hat like this, that you're going to cut that. And then if you cut all your pieces first -- now I've got a strap for an eye patch -- you want to cut all your pieces first and lay them out and make sure that they look good together, and then we'll glue it on. Now for the eye patch, you can cut a solid eye patch, like this. Or if the person wearing the mask wants the eye patch but doesn't want to lose the vision in that eye, you can cut the eye patch like this, with a hole in it. It still gives you the effect of a pirate's eye patch, but the child can still see out of it. So, when you get everything positioned the way you like it, then we'll glue it down. You want to use a nice heavy craft glue, and we'll -- take the cap off first -- and you put a nice, put a good amount of glue there and glue on your bandanna. Now, for a little bit of 3-D, or a little bit of effect, I made an extra piece for the knot, that will stick out a little. And then you can add that on there. Glue the eye patch strap like that. It's nice if it coincides with the strap on the mask. And then you can glue the eye patch on. And I'm using the one with the hole so that we can still see out of it. And now we'll glue on some polka dots onto our bandanna. And I've taken some of the polka dots and cut them in half, and you can place those on the edge and it really gives it a real nice look for the bandanna. Put some on the top and some on the bottom, and just lots of that. And you can also add some sequins to that bandanna to give it a little bit of a sparkle. The final touch on our pirate mask, I'll draw a scar here on his cheek. You just take a red marker, a permanent marker, and a nice line and then some crosshatches to give yourself a scary scar there. And here's our completed pirate's mask. It's nice and soft, made of the fun foam. It doesn't cover the nose or the mouth, so children enjoy wearing this kind of mask.