How to Remove Healed Scars & Dark Spots

Scars and dark spots are common skin afflictions which can be embarrassing if located on the face or other exposed areas of the body. Scar formation is part of the healing process after surgery, burns, injury or acne. Dark spots can be caused by birth marks, medications, overexposure to the sun, certain diseases, pregnancy and hyperpigmentation, which is a result of trauma to the skin. Although most scars and dark spots are permanent, it is possible to lessen their appearance through various therapies.

See a dermatologist to rule out more serious conditions that might be the cause of dark spots on your skin, such as skin cancer, liver disease or Addison's disease.

Mix lemon juice with sugar to remove scar tissue and bleach the dark spots. Apply to your scar or dark spot twice daily. The citrus in the fruit along with the exfoliating action of the sugar helps to lessen scar tissue.

Ask your doctor to prescribe a combination skin bleaching cream made by mixing 28.4gr of 4 per cent hydroquinone, 0.05 per cent tretinoin and sunscreen. Apply twice a day to fade dark spots.

Try dermabrasion to eliminate scars and dark spots. Dermabrasion is controlled surgical sanding that dramatically improves the damaged skin. Dermabrasion is excellent for treating deep wrinkles, scars, certain skin lesions and hyperpigmentation.

Use silicone gel sheeting to soften and flatten raised scars. The silicone sheet is a comfortable silicone gel that is attached to the scar and stimulates healing of the top layer of skin. Silicone gel sheets effectively reduce the size of the scars and improve tissue elasticity.

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