Hi, this is Linda Lewis on behalf of Expert Village.com. Check out my website at www.keytime.com. Here are some pointers on how to improve your posture when you are sitting at the keyboard. The first thing to do is be able to sit back as far as you can in a chair, so then you would be able to sit up nice and tall and you want to have your weight off the back, you want to sit up nice and tall so that your back is nice and straight. Then you want to keep your elbows right at your waist and you want to raise your wrists so that your hands are flat. The reason that the arms have to curve here is that the elbows are lower than your hands so that would be corrected by using the chair. This is the proper way to be able to adjust the chair so that when you are sitting down you raise the chair up as high as you can to be able to still get under the table. If your feet are above the floor and you have a foot rest, and then having an ergonomics tray is idea so that when your hands are on the keyboard your elbows are at your waist and you are sitting up nice and tall. It is important to have keyboard at the right height so if you do not have a tray to pull out an alternative would be to take your keyboard and place it on your lap. Remembering to sit up nice and tall and the secret is to have your elbows at your waist and then your fingers are on the home row.