Hi, my name is Tanya Batts, and I'm an instructor at Gold's Gym. I am going to show you some leg exercises that you can do with the resistance band. They're fairly simple. I'm going to tell you, since I'm going to just focus on the legs and not going to use the arms at all, so I've got the legs, they're together. Take these handles, place them kind of right here at your chest. It's going to be a simple squat. So, I've got a lot of tension going on here, lower and lift. So, I'm sitting my butt way back from the side I'll show you, abs in, lower and lift. So, I'm feeling this in my butt. I'm feeling this in my thigh, two more, one more, but then I'm going to face you. I'm going to do the same thing but I'm going to add a leg abductor. I'm going to go down, send my leg out to the side. Hard to see but I'm sending it out, picking one leg up, pushing it and it's hard. We're talking lots of resistance, that's working the outer thigh, outside of the calf, all those abduction muscles, two more, one more. That really targeted the thighs, the butt was working, all the muscles on the outside of the leg. So, another thing I'm going to do is lunge, and I'm going to turn to the side for you. This resistance band is right underneath my foot, bands are here because I'm going to think about just the legs, step back, bring it up. So, my leg is nice and light on the floor. All my weight is in this front leg, two more, one more and I'm going to switch legs because I want you to see what it looks like with this leg. Weights are here, or handles are here rather, feels like weight because you have got the resistance of the band. Stepping way back. When I step that foot back I drop that knee straight down. This knee is not going over my toe, two more, one more, resistance coming and going, leg, the abs were working, butt. That's how it's done with a resistance band.