In this video clip we'll be calculating siding. Here we have a basic garage with a hip roof and we need to calculate how much siding we're going to need to buy to cover all four sides. So first of all our measurements we have 20" X 20" and it's 8 feet high. So we need to draw out each side that we're going to be siding and we need to calculate the square footage for each side so we know that all sides are 8 feet high by 20 feet long. So we're going to calculate those together and get 160 square footage for each of those sides. For our side with the garage door we know that the entire side is 160 and we're just going to calculate the size of the garage door and subtract it from our side. Now our garage is 16 by 7 and that gives me a total of 112 square feet so I'm going to take that one 112 and take that out of our entire side of 160, and that leaves me with 48 square feet that I need to size. Now if I add up all four of my sides I have the three sides that are 160 square feet and the one side with the garage door that's 48, that gives me a total of 528 square feet of side that I'm going to need to put my siding on. However when ordering siding you alway want to make sure to order extra you're not going to use all of every single piece so you need to add in a little bit for waist.