I’m Lee and I’m going to show you how to install carpet on steps. And the first thing that you want to know is that you have lay each individual step itself, and if you lay one wrong piece, then it’s going to come undone in a year, more or less.

What you want to do first is you want to measure the area just from the base all the way out to the end and then from the bottom base all the way up to the top of the padding. You lay it out on the back of the piece of carpet, and cut it like I’ve done on this piece right here. And you’re ready to install it more or less. And you want to make sure to short it by about a quarter of an inch- about a fourth of an inch, more or less. And you want to short the part that goes over the step because of the padding, and you will pull that in when you go around the padding. And you take your piece of carpet like this and lay it over to make sure that it fits; should be a little bit big, because you tuck it behind the piece of carpet on the lower step.