Alright, after all that work, we're putting a finish on a nice panel like this. What we're going to do now is tear it up. So we've got a couple gouges and, try and get this so you can see it, there's a little ding right here. It's dented. It's the kind of thing you might see around your house where you drop a candlestick on your table and you put a little ding in it, but you haven't broken through the color yet. This, obviously, has broken through the color. This is a gouge out. Maybe a nail drug across something and scratched it really bad. So these are two different kind of repairs. This is one that hasn't broken color, and this is one that has. We're going to fix them both here and show you how to do it. This is the initial part of the process and when you get a piece like this, you may be a little bit hairy where the grain stood up and it's kind of, you can feel the fiber sticking up. So we want to take care of that first and cut those out, get rid of them. And we simply take a razor blade knife and cut away any of those fibers that are still sticking up. Okay, now I've got a nice, smooth surface dip down, so now we can take care of it.