In this clip we'll be talking about the massage part of our facial. This is a big part of our facial because we go old fashion, we do the complete declatae, shoulders, all the way on the face. We massage everything, we work on all of your pressure points that are located around your shoulders, in your neck, on your face, anything around your nasal area and we go all the way up to the hair and into the hairline actually. What we do is that is our main part of our facial, when we relax there's a lot of unconscious tension that people hold in their face, which we want to get rid of that because not many people are aware of that. So we do that at the very end of our massage and our facial. We work on lymphatic drainage, a lot of congestion in the face. What we do is we move it off to your lymph system which is over here, we push all this extra lymph and toxins off to the sides of your face and it drains down, so we're removing all the bacteria and congestion from your face. I would suggest that you drink lots of water and hydrate yourself cause we did move a lot of toxins around in your face and then with the hydration and water, you can wash all of that out and have a clear face.