AIWA SX-R220 Specs

The AIWA SX-R220 speakers are plain, black speakers which were popular, just as the company was, back in their day. Several sets of these speakers still exist today. The company they were manufactured by, AIWA, was a Japanese electronics company popular in the 1970s and 1980s that produced audio equipment available all over the world. In 2006, AIWA products were discontinued, even after Sony took over the brand. Their speakers, including the SX-R220, delivered unbelievable quality sound, ideal for home audio.


The AIWA SX-R220 speakers are considered bookshelf speakers and come as a set of two. These speakers were originally made in China. Each speaker is 120 watts with 6 ohms, making them ideal for high-power amplifiers. Each speaker also has 16 impedance and 50-watt music power. The SX-R220 speakers do not have wired cords, but AV cords instead. The wires are long enough for comfortable use and a phono plug is at the end, which can be cut off.


These AIWA speakers are all black, including the cord. Each speaker contains the original AIWA logo. The SX-R220 speakers come in a small, rectangular shape and each measures 7 inches by 6 inches by 5 inches. The body of the speakers is made of plastic.

Where to Buy

AIWA products are no longer produced, but several copies of their products may be bought in small shops or through the Internet from previous owners. These AIWA SX-R220 speakers can be found in pawnshops and vintage shops, as well as stores such as Goodwill or online at eBay. They are usually priced at around 20 dollars for the pair.

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