Rare DS Games

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Nintendo DS games become rare for a variety of reasons. Some were made in limited quantities. Others weren't popular enough, or had problems, and went out of production. When these games somehow won the interest of consumers again, their value went up. So does their rarity as owners are less willing to part with them.


"Electroplankton" is especially rare because it was sold only through the Nintendo World store and online retailers. It's a musical game where players create their own compositions. It has no levels or goals. It's all about making music through the fishlike characters of "Electroplankton."


This game package is unusually expensive for games of its type. It retails at around £45 as of November 2010. It's unique because all four games are on one cartridge. Previous versions were on separate cartridges for £9 to £13 each. The package was one of the earlier games released on the Nintendo DS console and is no longer in production.

Madden NFL 09

The "Madden" football series is extremely common, but "Madden NFL 09" was the last one to have a Nintendo DS version.

DK Jungle Climber

"DK Jungle Climber" is rare and expensive because it's out of production yet consumers are still interested. This means sellers on websites like eBay and Amazon can ask for a high price for it. The game has simple enough controls that even younger players can master it. The game theme involves a troublemaking monkey.

Nintendogs Bundle

The metallic rose Nintendogs bundle was released only once, during the 2007 holiday season, and was so popular it barely stayed on shelves. It had a pink Nintendo DS Lite -- the smaller version of the Nintendo DS, with a pawprint on the lower right hand corner of the console. The print coincided with the rare game, "Nintendogs: Best Friends," which came with the bundle. As of November 2010 it could be found for £156, or £65 more than the original price.

Luminous Arc 2 with Bonus CD and Art

The role-playing game "Luminous Arc 2" itself isn't particularly rare. But some gamers who pre-ordered it in 2008 received "Luminous Art," a book that contained exclusive art from "Luminous Arc 2" and the original "Luminous Arc." The game itself is sold with a bonus music CD. It's extremely uncommon to find someone willing to sell all three items to make a complete set.

Tetris DS

"Tetris" has been popular for decades. It's available on just about any device capable of running games. However, while it sold well -- about 2 million copies, according to ign.com -- the original is no longer in production. Because of its continued popularity, there's far more demand for "Tetris" on DS than supply.

Digimon World DS

This RPG, where players protect a futuristic world against digital monsters, was released in North America in November 2006. Less than a year later, its more popular sequels, "Digimon World Dawn" and "Digimon World Dusk" were released. "Digimon World DS" went out of production and became a collector's item.


"KORG DS-10" was made to emulate the KORG MS-10 synthesizer. It's intended for music-making. It appeals to a small audience, which means it was never sold in high quantities. It's collectable because it's not easy to find.

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