Contacts That Enhance Your Eye Color

blue eyes image by Mat Hayward from

Coloured contact lenses are designed to enhance the colour of your eyes, in addition to correcting your vision. A number of major contacts manufacturers have lines devoted specifically to colour enhancement, from Acuvue to Freshlook to Focus.

Most coloured contact lenses come in blue and green shades, though some companies have begun to make brown or hazel contacts. Colour-enhancing contacts are different than colour-changing contacts, which can make a person's brown eyes look blue, and vice versa.

Acuvue 2 Enhancers

Acuvue 2 designed its line of Color Enhancers Contact Lenses to make the shade of the eyes more vibrant. You can purchase three colours from this line: Ocean Blue, Aquamarine and Emerald Green. Color Enhancers are two-week disposable lenses.

FreshLook Dimensions

CIBAVision manufactures FreshLook Dimensions coloured contact lenses meant to make light-coloured eyes appear bigger and more vibrant. FreshLook Dimensions -- which should be worn for one to two weeks before being replaced -- come in three shades: Pacific Blue, Sea Green and Caribbean Aqua.

Durasoft 2 Colors

Durasoft 2 Colors are also manufactured by CIBAVision, but Durasoft 2 Colors lenses have the ability to enhance the colour of darker eyes. The lenses, which should be replaced yearly, come in four colours: blue, green, grey and hazel.

CIBA Soft Focus Softcolors

CIBAVision manufactures Focus Softcolors, a line of contacts users must replace once a week. Focus Softcolors are intended for people with light eyes; the contacts will not have much of an impact on the eye colour of people who have darker eyes. These contacts come in three shades: aqua, evergreen and royal blue.

Impressions Colors Contact Lenses

Impressions Colors Contact Lenses are designed to make the eyes appear bigger -- thanks to their limbal ring -- and to blend with the natural eye colour and make it appear brighter. The contacts come in violet, Blue, green, brown and grey, and can be worn for three to six months before being replaced.

CalaView Colored Contact Lenses

CalaView manufactures coloured contact lenses that can enhance the wearer's natural eye colour or combine with the natural eye colour to create a new colour, depending on the chosen shade. These contacts are designed for cosmetic purposes, and do not help a person's vision. CalaView contact lenses can be safely worn daily for up to three months. Colours include violet, blue, grey, hazel and jade green.