The Difference Between Herbatint & Naturtint

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Hair dyes can irritate the scalp or cause other health concerns. Natural hair colours are considered safer to use, leaving hair healthier as well. Women are the biggest users of hair colour, but men can now find a natural hair colour too.

Two natural hair colours are Herbatint and Naturtint which provide a healthy, natural shine to hair. While the names are similar, there are several important differences between the two hair colours.


Naturtint has vegetable ingredients like soya, corn, coconut and wheat extracts that enrich the hair. It comes in 24 colours that can be mixed easily and economically. The Naturtint permanent hair colour contains nutrideep serum to protect the hair. The Naturtint Reflex line also contains Vitamin B5 and a special sun filter. Herbatint is made from vegetable extracts from plants with ingredients like rosemary, cinchona and walnut husk, to gently add colour for a natural, vibrant result.

Covering Grey Hair

Naturtint's permanent hair colour provides 100 per cent grey coverage. The Naturtint Reflex line covers mid-range grey successfully, with the colour lasting as long as a month. Herbatint colours hair gradually but does not do more than mask the earliest white hairs. Naturtint men's line, Natural Men, provides 100 per cent grey coverage.

Permanent versus Semi-permanent

Naturtint carries a permament line and a semi-permanent line known as Naturtint Reflex, which comes in 10 shades. This line contains colour that lasts up to one month. It can be used in-between the permanent colour line to refresh the hair colour. Naturtint has a permanent hair colour line for men known as Natural Men, which comes in six natural colours. It has anti-reflex technology to liven and enhance hair colour on men.

Lack of Chemicals

Both Naturtint and Herbatint are free of chemicals like ammonia, silicone, parabens and peroxide. Naturatint does contain the minimum amount of PPD (p-Phenylenediamine) in its permanent line, which is necessary to cover grey permanently. Some people with sensitive skin may react to this chemical. A patch test should be done before applying the product to the whole head. Naturatint does not carry the chemical in its semi-permanent line. Herbatint carries the minimum amount of pharmaceutical chemicals such as Tetrasodium EDTA, Resorcinol and Ethanolamine. The Naturtint men's line is free of ammonia and resorcinol, yet it does contain the minimum amount of PPD.